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best router for port forwarding

ezekuel asked
Hi All,

I need to purchase a new router as the current one the client has is unsuitable for port forwarding (the free ones you get from bigpond). What would you suggest is the best one for port forwarding and other needs SBS2003 with exchange 2003.

Thanks in advance
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I like Linksys routers.  Does it need to do VPN?  Wireless?  Sometihng like an RV042 will do the job nicely.  Assuming you only need a router and not a modem/router.

Linkssys RV series small business routers.
Currently using the N300 from Netgear  with much port forwarding success!
It also allows for  "guest" wireless access if you want it to, along with the ability to configure for different QoS needs (handy if you are using VOIP)
You also want to check if the customer's router is "just" a router or if it also has a built in Cable or DSL modem, in which case you can't just "swap it out".


Sorry I should have specified I would like to have a adsl2 modem/router combo

I would always use a firewall rather than a router, watchguard XTM series are quite cheap and very easy to configure. Your client would need at least 2 external IPs.
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant

You didn't specify the number of clients the router will have to server, the need of wireless connectivity, the need for 1GB LAN and your budget.    In any case one of the model of Cisco SRP 500 will be a good option.