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Switching from Altiris 6.9 to SCCM 2012

skagariseecasd asked
Right now at work we use Altiris 6.9 sp4. We are looking at Sccm 2012 and Altiris 7.1 to see which one would be a better fit for us. They both would require us to make some changes to the way that we do thing now. So we thought it would be a good time to evaluate both products, for us the cost to move to one or the other would be about the same.
We have  a few questions from looking at SCCM 2012 that I need to find answers for.
1. Is there an easy way to do a simple file copy . we need to copy kix files out to the workstation
2. Is there an easy way to find out information for a workstation , hardware,and installed software? Right now we can double click on the computer and it pulls up the inventory for that computer.
3. We need to be able to rename computer as we reasign them to different classrooms?
Right now we right click on the computer and goto configuire, fill in the form an let it go.

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Abdul Jalil Abou AlzahabConfiguration Manager & Windows 10 Administrator
Please check Altiris VS ConfigMgr 2007 altirisvsSCCM.pdf, and note that SCCM 2012 not released yet, maybe will be available on 1st Q of 2012, so you can also check What’s New in Configuration Manager 2012
As an SMS 2003/SCCM 2007 Administrator for several years, I would say Altiris would be better by far, I've actually trying to talk my CIO to go to Altiris, in our envionment I package 150+ software packages and you basically have to scripts or other tools like Group Policy to push files, registry etc... Previously we came from a Novell/Zenworks environment where like Altiris these are all built into the tool.  SCCM OS Deployment pales in comparison to Ghost, for a single image, without all the updates, about 40 minutes per machine, Ghost 7-10 minutes.  To answer your questions:
1a. Requires either a Script to copy to the workstation either, batch, vbscript or autoit
2a. Yes, right click a system and select system resources.
3a. No you can't do that from SCCM, unless you're referring to reimaging the computer in which case you can although not a very straight forward process, it depends on how you set SCCM OS Deployment up.



We have been with Altiris for over 8 yrs. We still have problems with things saying they ran when they didn't. My favorite one is try and do something today and it won't work, try the samething in the morning and it works for no appearant reason, nothing was changed,no server reboots. For some reason after the last few updates we have had to start rebooting the server on a more often to get jobs to run. One thing that drives me nuts with altiris is that I can have 3 matching computers and 1 will finsih, one will fail on step 3, and the last one will fail on step 6 when it did complete step 6. It just reported back that it failed. We have spent many an hour on the phone with support , " should be fixed in the next update, or they have no idea"
We have just started to say that's altiris
To be honest you may have similar experiences with SCCM, although usually we can pinpoint the issue by trolling through the logs on the client.  The thing for me is that chaining applications, adding additional files or registry keys has to be done via script.  SCCM basically just installs software based on the commandline you give it.  I use AutoIT to package 99% of our applications because of this, so for example, if I want to check if an older version exists prior to installing the new software, while I could create a collection to do this, the information can be sketchy for example if the client hasn't updated it's inventory.  Additonally I use AutoIT to add registry keys and/or files, although I have actually been thinking about using Group Policy for this and using item targeting to perform these tasks and run GPUpdate /Force once the installation has completed, but need to make sure it won't have a large impact on staff logons etc..