Display data from sql server on web page hosted by Apache

Hello EE,
I am primarily a back end SQL server guy so I'm looking for direction on getting sql server data onto a web page.
Here's the question.  There are a series of intranet html pages that are served from an Apache server. I want to create an iFrame within these html pages that takes information from a form in the iFrame and then retrieves and displays information delivered from sql server stored procedures.  I was all set to do this with C Sharp, but a friend told me that that probably wouldn't work because of the Apache server.  I have been reading a little about Javascript and PHP, but I don't see how they would receive and display a grid of information.  Another way of explaining what I want to do is similar to something that can be done with Microsoft Access where the main form has subforms on a tab control and these subforms show information related to the main form.

So...I can put text within the html page in something like an iFrame.  The pages already have access to the SQL Server.  I can create the stored procedures that catch the desired variables and return the data needed.  What software/language do I need to put within that iFrame that will bridge to the SQL server and pass the data back and forth?  I am looking for the fastest/easiest method as this is a prototype, testing out a concept, that my betters will reproduce if the concept is accepted.

Lawrence BarnesAsked:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Apache doesn't support ASP.NET like IIS does.  PHP can be used to access a MS SQL server.  If the Apache web server is running on a Windows server, you might be able to include the HTML results from C# in a page somehow.  If the web server is running on Linux, it becomes a lot more difficult since there is no direct support for MS SQL Server on Linux.

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Lawrence BarnesAuthor Commented:
Do you think PHP will be able to show grids (a table or query results) of data received from SQL server and that I'll be able to have that data update dynamically based on input from the user?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
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php can generate the markup necessary for the browser to render a table or any other structure.  As far as updating based on user input you can use a form to send user input back to the server whee it will get processed by the php and then new markup is generate and sent to the browser  If you want an inplace update effect as opposed ro refreshing the Iframe then you will need to have javascripting on the client side to do the updating dynamically and use AJAX to go to the server in background.

Lawrence BarnesAuthor Commented:
Perfect....that is a great live example.  I'll move forward with PHP.
Lawrence BarnesAuthor Commented:
Thanks cb, excellent walk through of what I'll need as I will need some updates to happen before and after the data from the server updates.
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