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sbs 2011 is removing my secondary MX record

i have a small business server 2011 without a static Public IP, So I configured the sbs server to manage my DNS records hosted at godaddy.com, it updates and creates remote.mydomain.com A and MX @ record. The problem is it also removes any other MX records i manually added to godaddy.com
I want to keep a secondary MX record to point to godaddy's email server for backup. Can i change a setting in windows not to remove any existing MX records?
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Instead of gender bending, fix the problem. Get a static IP.
Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

And don't run a public dns server. Let godaddy do your dns. If you don't have a static then get a domain name from dyn.com. They have free software that updates the dynamic dns record.
Adding my vote to above comments,,, configure you deomain records on Godaddy control panel.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

There is nothing wrong with using the built in dDNS feature of SBS.

What you are trying to do is better taken care of by a third party sanitation and continuity provider like GFI or ExchangeDefender. Static IP required though.

When SBS is managing the GD DNS you will not be able to change anything since that is the intent: Manage DNS via the SBS Console.

It is a bear to manage larger site using POP3 as a "backup". BTDT.

Director, SD-WAN Solutions
To summarize:

Godaddy for dns. Dyn.com for backup mx (and dynamic ip if you don't get a static one)


I guess no one is aware of a workaround