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New PC specs

Jegajothy vythilingam
I am trying to buy a new PC for a friend of mind who has no IT knowledge for his small auto repair shop.  He will be using the software called AllData to manage the garage and also monitor the repairs billing, estimating and purchases of parts.  This AllData app will from time to time access the internet to go to the affiliate vendors of parts sites, to extract the data and bring it back to his screen.  I am propsing to recommend Verizon DSL as I have good experiences with it and also the support is awesome.  Besides this, he will use Office, email and also research on the internet using IE.  The other software will be a surveillance program of the premises and the dataset will be saved on the 2nd HD.  
Can someone please advise me what should the specs be.  Perhaps u could point me to the particular Dell Model.  On the HD, I was thinking of about 350 gigs for Drive C which will only have the programs.  I propose to put the dataset on the 2nd HD and with 500 gigs capacity.  An external HD of similar capacity, connected by firewire, will act as backup for the datasets.
Hope to hear your suggestions.  Thank u.
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for those sort of apps - i would opt for a cheaper system - maybe i3 or i5 cpu, i would still do 8gb ram as ram is cheap, but the smallest reasonable HD will likely be fine - unless you want to keep lots of data from the surveilance in which case maybe a 1 or 2 tb hdd
I would suggest of most importance is backup - make sure he has at least a couple of external drives so he can take one home.
Also - setup something like logmein on it so you can help him out remotely
MisbahSr. Software Engineer
based on the description, it looks you need just a basic PC,  I suggest buying DELL Inspiron 620 ,
Intel i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, about the disk size , look at the different between 500 GB and  1 TB for the data disk , 350 GB is a lot of disk space for the operating system and the programs but it might be a good buy if the difference between 350 GB and smaller size disk is small.
A basic system would be just fine. Since you mentioned that a gift, you can t ake any core 2 duo or core i3 one. Toshiba seems to be good in terms of price and quality. anyways no need to go for a higher spec one.
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i would not opt for firewire - it is fading out fast
better use USB 3 devices, and a model with USB3 onboard - here an example :  http://news.softpedia.com/news/Dell-Readies-AMD-Based-Studio-XPS-7100-Desktop-141878.shtml

note that you can buy any USB 2 system - and install an USB3 adapter card also


thank u for your excellent suggestions.
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you're welcome