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Networking 2 computers

Jegajothy vythilingam
Jegajothy vythilingam asked
I am trying to network 2 PCs and wonder if there is some training videos or documentation for me to get started.   The 2 pcs will be located in a small garage and preferably all the software will be installed on one pc, with the 2nd pc able to access them.   Thank u.
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

If you will have internet access, the majority of the work will be done for you with dynamic addressing. You can share data by simply sharing a folder on one machine. Sharing applications is not typically possible unless the application is archaic.

Hope this helps
Two things pop out:

You need to network the two computers and didn't mention the internet (which in these days seems a bit odd) but OK, no internet connection.

I will assume that they are running a modern version of Windows.  
And, I will assume that both computers have an ethernet port (RJ-45 jack).

In principle, all you need to do is a couple of things.

First connect the two computers together.
- This can be done with an ethernet crossover cable.
- Or, it can be done with two ethernet straight cables and an ethernet switch (likely the low cost 5-port variety).  Just plug the cables into the computers and into the switch.
At this point you can either set up IP addresses on the computers or let automatic addressing happen.  I'd try the latter for simplicity first.

When this is done do this on both computers:
Start/ Run
In the command line window that results type:
ipconfig <enter>
Write down the IP address of the computer.

Now that you have the IP addresses of both computers, do this:

Start / Run
In the command line window that results type:
ping [then a space] [then the IP address of the other computer] <enter.

Do this on both computers.
If all is well you should get Replies.

Keep working on this aspect until you can ping and get replies.

Note: firewall software can stop this from working so you may have to deal with this aspect.

Second, choose some file folders to be shared.  Right click on the folder and select Sharing and set it up.
Do this on both computers.
Reboot both computers.

Make sure that both computers are in the same workgroup:

Start / Settings or Control Panel
Computer Name tab
check the workgroup name.  WORKGROUP is the current default.  If it's the default then leave it.  Change one computer if they aren't the same.
Reboot the computers.

Check My Network Places.  You should see both computers there.  If not, be patient and wait up to 30 minutes.

Now, on to the second issue.

You can share files and printers now but you can't share applications.   Unless you have a particular or special application you won't be able to do that.  For example, with Quickbooks you can share work on the same Company File but you have to have Quickbooks installed on both computers.  You can share Word document files but you have to have Word installed on both computers ... and so forth.

If you truly want to have everything on one computer then consider using something like UltraVNC (which is a free app) or Remote Desktop and remote into the "main" computer.  In that way you can share applications and files BUT you can't have two people working simultaneously as the remote computer takes control of the main computer.  They can "time share" and use the main computer during the day but one or the other is going to have control of the mouse and keyboard at any moment.
check out this, all are described there:

If you will have internet access,you must connect with peer to peer via network.

>my computer>my network connections>small network  install click next.

"Set up connection over internet in this computer"option should be selected.

After wizard question next "by using windowsXX-CD"select it and next,

finally finish..Restart computer.Define IP adresses and names for each computer.

Install DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol )For sharing folders use account settings.


thank u everyone.  Bawer's response is ideal for me. thank u