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Network discover devices

I am having a problem with one computer on a network. It does not discover other computers or printers on the network.
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Make sure the IP address is consistent with the current subnet.
Can you ping other computers at all?
Can they ping this computer at all?

Check its firewall.  Maybe it doesn't know which network it's on.  This can happen if the firewall program was installed while the computer isn't on the current network.

Turn off the firewall and see if it matters.
Paul CorathersOffice Manager/Owner


The other computers can see this one but it can not see the others.
Paul CorathersOffice Manager/Owner


you put me on th rright track. "network discovery" is turned off. However when I try to change it it will not save.
go to the safe mode and turn it on then save , and recheck,
bbaoIT Consultant

are the associated services running well? the services are:

* Computer Browser
* Network Connections
* Network Location Awareness
* Network Store Interface Service
* SSDP Discovery
* Workstation

moreover, do you have the similar issues here?

Network discovery turns itself off in Windows 7
Paul CorathersOffice Manager/Owner


When I try to start "computer browser". I get  "error 1060 the specified service does not exist as an installed service"
bbaoIT Consultant

the Computer Browser service is dependent on Workstation and Server services. make sure the two services are standing well:

*  are the two services correctly bound to the network card(s)?
*. can they start?
*. if not, are the required executable files are that the right folder?
The browser service is used for Netbios elections process. It can and should be disabled on all computers except the servers you delegate as the Netbios name servers, (one being the domain master browser, and others being backup browsers)....

If one client is having problems seeing others on the network, then that one computer is not receiving or accepting netbios broadcasts sent out from other nodes on the network.

These need to be checked:

1) On the NIC properties:
File and Print Sharing
-also since this is a microsoft network make sure "client for microsoft networks is enabled"

2) Under IPv4 Properties>>Advanced button>>WINS tab
Make sure Netbios over TCP/IP is enabled

3) Control Pannel>>Security>>Windows firewall
Make an exception to "file and print sharing" and/or "Netbios"

4) Start>>on the run line type "Services.msc"
Make sure Netbios is enabled /started
Make sure the workstation service is started..

Back to the browser service:

Disable the browser service on all clients, enable it on the servers. Sounds like it already is disabled on this client. This is because the server could shut down the puter's browser service to prevent it from competing with the server for Domain master browser elections. If it has disabled the browser service, you will see event errors in the 8000's within the server's System event logs that say something like:

XXXcomputer thinks it's a master browser, the browser service was stopped and an election has been forced...
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Paul CorathersOffice Manager/Owner


Thank you comments. I've  not had the free time to work on this problem. I just installed an extra printer  that I had in the office directly to this work station which lets me print.  I still want to fix this but other projects needed to be put ahead on this issue.  I hope to get to this ASAP. If you close the question it will still be available?  - Not deleted?