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SCCM Mcafee EPO deployment

Side asked

Im having some issues deploying Mcafee EPO via SCCM.

first of all about 50% of the clients dont report back to the Mcafee server (so 50% do deploy and work fine)

secondly the Package allways reports back as failed in sccm (makes reporting any issues really hard)

does anyone know if there is something specific that i need to do to get this package to deploy with both an acurate report in SCCM and so that 50% of the clients dont fail??

any help would be grateful
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Desktop Applications Specialist
Is there a pattern to the failed hosts? XP vs Vista, Sydney vs Melbourne?

Also EPO can be pushed by EPO server, SCCM should be needed in it.


no pattern to the errors , all workstations are XP sp3 and all the same SOE.

yeah i would have been easier to deploy via EPO server but management wants sccm to do all app deploys.

Simon EarlSenior Consultant

OK, let's start with the basics

What type of package are you deploying with SCCM (exe or msi) ?

Are there any firewalls between the clients and the ePO server ?

Tell Management that's a stupid idea...it's like trying fit wallpaper with a hammer.....

On a host that is not reporting back, but does have an agent installed, can you post the agent log on here ?


Also check out the execmgr.log on the Clients for detailed error information


Using the EPO server was the best solution