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Copy Data

Billa7 asked
I need Experts help create macro to copy data from Source sheet to Data sheet. If data available in Column I (Source), copy data of the row (Column A,B,C and I) to Data sheet. The copy process should always take the new row at Data sheet, should not overwritten the old data . Hope Experts could help.

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Analyst Programmer
You may add the following code to your macro:

Sub CopyData()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim r As Integer
    Dim r2 As Integer
    Dim ss As Worksheet
    Dim sd As Worksheet
    Set ss = Sheets("Source")
    Set sd = Sheets("Data")
    r = ss.UsedRange.Rows.Count
    For i = 2 To r
        If ss.Cells(i, 9) <> "" Then
            r2 = sd.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1
            sd.Cells(r2, 1) = ss.Cells(i, 1)
            sd.Cells(r2, 2) = ss.Cells(i, 2)
            sd.Cells(r2, 3) = ss.Cells(i, 3)
            sd.Cells(r2, 4) = ss.Cells(i, 9)
            sd.Cells(r2, 1).NumberFormat = "yyyy-m-d h:mm AM/PM"
            sd.Cells(r2, 2).NumberFormat = "hh:mm:ss.00"
        End If
    Next i

End Sub

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Hi pkwan,

I have tested, the data was not copied to Data sheet.
Peter KwanAnalyst Programmer

I found that the data is copied to much lower (around row 1,900) of the data sheet due to I used "sd.UsedRange.Rows.count" which sets the last used row in the Data sheet.

If you want to put the data to begin at row 2, you need to delete all the data except the header row (row 1).



Thanks a lot for the help.