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High level to Low Level Design

Sha1395 asked
Hi All,

I roughly created Hight level design (sure i have to do lot of modification too) but am quite interested to concentrate only "MYPHONE INTERFACE" (please see my visio diagram) to do a low level design.

Some one suggest me ,what are the that stuff i need to take care to start work around low level design please

Thanks in Advance

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Senior Software Engineer
Hi Sha1395,

Each of the areas you wish to implement should be developed further. You could create a document outlining exactly what should happen within the Message Validation and Message Transformation areas.

Further to this you could create a diagram as you have already but in more detail for the specific areas of Message Validation and then Message Verification. In my opinion these should be detailed enough so that another developer could code the system if required. This is what is meant by low level. It get to the nitty gritty of the implementation. The current high-level diagram is not at a level where someone could develop the system.

For instance, in UML you could create the MyPhone package and within this package you could create two further packages with the detailed diagrams necessary for Message Verification and Message Transformation. These diagrams could consist of activity, class and sequence diagrams.

Within Message Verification you may have a Class called "MyMessage" which has methods on it etc....




Thanks Darren,

That gives me a lot of idea, am getting in to system design after long time.

DarrenSenior Software Engineer

If you need anything else let me know.