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Antec Kuhler 920 CPU cooler software does not work

ezekuel asked

Hi All,

I purchased and installed a Antec Kuhler 920 CPU cooler. The installation went fine and the cooler itself is working brilliantly however the software that comes with it is not working at all. It comes with software that is meant to tell you the core temps and allow you to customise lighting etc. but after it is installed it says it cannot connect to the USB

I have confirmed that the USB component is connected correctly and even tried it in both USB slots on the MB. In device manager it is listed as an unknown device. I have tried installing from the CD and from a download from Antec's site but still the same error.

I am using windows 7

It is not a big issue as the cooler itself is working, but I would like it if the software worked too. Has anyone else had this trouble and can anyone think of a possible solution.

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what is it supposed to use on USB??
post the VEN and DEV values from it's properties in device manager
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If you need to monitor your cpu temperatures, I would suggest CoreTemp as an alternative.  It works with Win7 gadgets.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If it's listed in Device Manager as an unknown device, then the Antec install procedure didn't load a driver for it.  It's possible that there is no driver for the device under Windows 7; that would be my guess.

I gotta admit, a USB interfaced CPU cooler that needs a device driver is a new one for me.

<opinion>Unless customizing the lighting is a show-stopper, any of the several temperature monitoring programs will do the job to confirm that the cooler is working.  I've got a Xigmatek Gaia on my system.  After confirming for the first week that it cooled properly, I took out the thermal monitor.  I figure it's not going to stop cooling unless I whack it with a bat and offset the base, and imho every little bit of software overhead hurts.</opinion>