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SBS 2008 Reporting (email issues)

Im working on a 2008 SBS and trying to get the reports to email. I can generate reports but when I try and to generate and email it errors out with "An error has occurred while sending this report. As a result, some of
the recipients will not receive this report in email." Now I have done my research and tried as much as I can but it still wont work. I have done chkdsks on all drives, made sure I was signed in with a user that had admin rights but not the admin, updated the server to current, checked the database size and anything else I could think of.

Like I said it it will generate the report but when I try to generate and email it errors out. Anyone else ran into this?
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Can you verify that it will not send to either internal or external recepients, either or both?

Is there anything in any event log that might help?

Have you run the SBS BPA and fixed any errors found?

Have you restarted that SBS recently?  Many times maddening issues are fixed by a restart or two, sometimes three.


I will be checking the internal today. Nothing in the event logs that I can see. Ive rebooted only once. I will try a few others that you mentioned and keep you posted.


BPA finds nothing. Both internal and external cannot recieve mail through the reports. I cant do anymore restarts until tonight.


Server has been restarted twice but still the same. I can generate reports but not generate and email.
What brand and version of AV is on that SBS?

Have you used a search engine to search the net for:

"an error has occurred while sending this report sbs 2008"

I got 500,000+ hits and don't have the time to post all the responses/answers/trials here.

Also, there is a log created.. search for "console.log" on the SBS.  It should be in the location:  C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs.  You may be able to find some clue there


Its Trend Micro but I have plenty other SBS2008's that are sending reports. I just found out this client is using google to host. Im sure this makes a big difference. I guess the Exchange is used to archive mail boxes if I am understanding right on how they set this up. Any ideas?
I sure hope this helps others out there. In my case, the email was being hosted by Google which I dont think matters but not sure but here is what I did:
Create a recieve connector and specify the FQDN in the general tab.
Under the network tab specify the local Exchange server address and make sure the port is right. In my case it was 25
In the bottom box of the same network tab (receive mail from....) put in
Under the Autentcation Tab specify (click) Transport Layer Security (TLS), Basic Authentication and Integrated Windows autentication.

I hope this helps people who have tried all other things.


It just worked for me.