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suggestions on how to load balance traffic from an ip in one subnet to two devices in a different subnet

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I need to find a temporary fix that will allow me to load balance traffic from one ip in subnet x to two devices in subnet y.

I also hope to preserve the source ip addresses. I have access to some cisco asa boxes and the internal dns server.
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u cant do dt with onhand devices with u, u have to go for barracuda load balancer:

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You can do it with a round-robin DNS-setting. If your DNS-server supports it you can configure it to every second time answer that server X is behind ip Y, and every second time that server X is behind ip Z. There are some limitations, but by lowering the lifetime of the dns-entries you can at least load balance per client.


If you want some more "intelligent" load balancing you need something else, just as Bawer told you. There is no load-balancing features within Cisco ASA.

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Ended up taking it a step further and used DNS round robin in conjunction with 2 pairs (total of 4) of ASAs to serve as translators to maintain the source & destination addresses.

This is a temporarily solution, thus the wizardry.