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Drag and Drop problem on Windows XP 64bit Desktop

SW111 asked
Hi Experts,

Just recently (a week or so) my pointer behavior started becoming weird. It's difficult to click and drag an icon on the desktop, and pretty much impossible to click and multi select a number of icons.

Often when I'm dragging to move an icon, the cursor would "let-go" in the middle of the drag.
Other times, it would open the document/folder with only a single click.

From googling, I've tried lowering the double click speed to the lowest setting, restarting the computer and so on. It's not so much of a problem when using programs (for example, there's no problem when using a browser) although office xp does become problematic also. Therefore I don't think its the mouse hardware problem.

I'm using windows XP 64 bit, SP2.
Razer Mamba Mouse, USB

Please help. Thank You.
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There's no harm if you will install the SP3 of your current operating System. Make it  a try for it might help you solve the issue. Refer to the link below:


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i suspect it could be cause d by malware - so run mbam : http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php             
Is the mouse fully charged?  How old are the rechargeable batteries in the mouse?  You might need new batteries.


Mindsuperb, It's been working fine without any major changes for a year. So I'm somewhat hesitant to upgrade/make any changes to the system.

Nobus, my first thought was that its a virus, but I do have an antivirus on the computer. If we're to try an alternative one, do you know of one that I do not need to install? I'd prefer not to install too many programs on this computer.

JohnnyCanuck, I'm using the mouse with the cable. Plus it's working fine on other software such as firefox.

Thank you


Apologies gentleman,

My mistake. I didn't thought it could be the mouse itself because everything seems to work in firefox. But some other progrms are also displaying occasional problem, so I tried changing the mouse, and everything is now fine. So I conclude it must be either the mouse or the mouse cable. (Or the driver, but I've not been using any particular driver, just microsoft generic one)

I will assign the points equally to all participants, if you dont mind.
Thank you for your help.
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An AV does only catch virii - you need other tools to catch malware
i suggested one of the best - try it


Ok Nobus. WIll do. Thank You. Normally I'm skeptical about following links on the net for my office computer, but you've helped me in the past and your reputation is more than enough. Thanks.
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