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multipathin - powerpath or device mapper

sabirkk asked
Guys ,

         I have confusion configuring multipathing , we have EMC CX series storage want to connect to
Linux box (OEL 6 and OEL 5). For multipathing i have two option

1) Powerpath without Licese (degraded mode)

2) Device Mapper

Which would be the better  and efficient methode .

Expert Comment on this appreacited .


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President, IT4SOHO, LLC
In my personal experience, even in degraded (unlicensed) mode, the PowerPath software will be easier overall to administer than the more generic dm within Linux. There is one caveat, however, and that is that you're connecting EMC storage -- if you're planning to use multiple arrays from multiple vendors, I don't recommend mixing and matching -- if PowerPath won't work for the other drive arrays, then use dm for ALL (just to avoid confusion and reduce the possibility of mistakes).

Just my thoughts....


PS: In the interest of openness, I did once work as a consultant for EMC, albeit more than 10 years ago.