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Connect computers with different platforms


I have a question about connecting computers with different operating systems. I've heard that this is possible with WCF. But - is it necessary that WCF runs on each computer? Can WCF connect with the service, which is not WCF? Is it possible that some service exposes endpoints just like WCF on Linux machine or on mainframe?

All these questions arised to me when I was reading what problems WCF should solve - one of them was interoperability. But - WCF needs .Net platform installed to run?

Greetings, Frenky
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I'm not clear what you understand under connecting different computer platforms. What do you want to do with the connection? If you want to transfer files you could just setup an ftp server. Most OS's can transfer files using ftp. Or if you are thinking more of accessing files directly on a server, you could install an NFS server or SAMBA server and/or SAMBA client (Samba is compatible with windoze file-sharing) and is used by 'nix and I think also MAC OS to access windoze shares (or simulate a windoze file-server). For none of these would you need any.net stuff.


I am working on distributed applicatons.


I guess I did not make myself clear - I want to use WCF for distributed application which  is installed on different operating systems.
i Guess you are looking for a solution for making diffrent applications to comunicate, let me give you an example which may give you a clear picture of what has to be done.

consider there are 2 applications 1 in dot.net and other in Java and they need to share information between them, this can be achived in multiple ways, WCF is one among them.

here only dot net application will use WCF and the OS should be Windows, WCF is a librrary present in dot net frame work, where it provides multiple ways to communicate with other applications of same (dot net) or diffrent (java, ruby etc) platforms.

for the above scenario we can use web service standards, as it provides interoperability.

the advantage of using the WCF in dot net application is, it can have multiple end points (connectors) to communicate with other applications developed using java, ruby, dot net etc with diffrent communication standads (RPC, web services, Remoting, messaging etc).

so you need to analyze your self how to use WCF and which communication standard to use.

Good Luck