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background image covers up javascript

tmonteit asked
This question is a repost of an earlier question that lacked clarity and an example.  

I have a web page with a background image and some javascript.  The problem is that my background image covers up my javascript.  When I comment out my image the javascript is visible, but the image is not.  What I want is both to be visible, but I want the javascript to display on top of the background image

I posted a live example of the page that is having issues:   See Example  

The page shows an html menu that is rendered on top of a background image.  There is some javascript based on a slider library that generates some navigation.
The image covers up the javascript generated navigation.
If you click on the "No Background" link, it brings you to a page with background removed.  Here you can see the javascript work.  But there is no image.  
I want to have both the image and the sliders to work on top of the image.
Also I want to sliders to appear directly to the right of the html menu.

How can I make this work properly?   Perhaps a way to send the background image to the bottom most layer?   Very basic examples please.

Thanks all for your help!
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add style="z-index: -1;" to the image
Take a look into this description


change the Image z-Index and try wiht the smple in the link
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<img src="images/mockup_slim.jpg" id="bg" alt=""> 

<ul id="menu">

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is not a background image.

If you want it as a background, then set it as the background in the CSS and get rid of the img tag.