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How to upgrade a laptop from the Standard VGA Graphics adapter

I am trying to use a Siig USB 2.0 to VGA device to add a thrid monitor to my Dell laptop. when I connect the third monitor, it is very distorted. I have switched the monitors with the device and the same thing happens. .

I read the instructions that came wit the device and it say that it will not work with a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

How can I upgrade the drive and to which one so that the device will work.
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Sr. Architect
Goto MyComputer->Device Manager
In the list find your graphics device (Under "display adaptor") which must be currently using VGA graphics adaptor.
Now, right click and say Update driver.
If you have the correct driver on disk, then choose to specify the location by yourself
let windows search for the update available for you on internet. This will automatically download and install correct driver if available. In case the windows update is unable to find the driver for you, then you will have to goto your display adaptor providers website and download it explicitly from there.