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Can I open .txt.001 and .txt.002 in any application that can open a normal .txt file?

hermesalpha asked
Why don't I get .txt files after having split .txt files with the file splitter HJSplit?


You can see on the screencast that the files, after having been split into two, have changed file extension from .txt to .txt.001 and .txt.002 respectively. And the icon for .txt.001 is the one for BitZipper, the icon for .txt.002 is not a .txt-icon.

Can I really open these two .txt.001 and .txt.002 in any application that can open a normal .txt file?

It is originally a tab-delimited text file that has been saved from an Excel-sheet with 100,000 Chinese words with English translations, then splitted into two with HJ Split. I need to open these two splitted files in my CAT-tool (Computer-Assisted Translation): SDL Trados Studio 2011.

I have Windows XP Pro SP3, 32-bit.
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Because it is a way how HJ Split work.

If you have a Video DIVX file with name Confucious.avi you will get after splitting with HJSplitter two files:


And the same is with a text files and every other file.
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You wouldn't be able to open them by double-clicking in Windows Explorer, but you could right-click an choose' Open with'.

Also, once open, most applications will allow you to browse for any file extension (All files).
So once the split is done, rename something.txt.001 to something1.txt and something.txt.002 to something2.txt. Now any text editor will open them.

Chris B

Why don't you download or use existing HJSPLIT because HJSPLIT has option for splitting and Joining a splitted files?

Look at this. Run HJSplit:

Then press Join button and the new window will be opened:

Press Input file and browse to directory where are your splitted txt files and then select only this with
extesion txt.001 and click Open button:

And as a result you will get ONE Joined TXT file:

So, you can open this TXT file.



If you have not a HJSplit I wil get you a links for the latest version:






And please follow my explanations and you will can read this JOINED txt file normal like other txt files in your CAT-tool (Computer-Assisted Translation): SDL Trados Studio 2011 program.




Ok, it worked as you said burrcm, I just renamed with .txt extension last and the icon changed to normal text file icon. Will try to open the two files now.

Thanks Nrisimha, I've installed HJSplit, will try to join the files, should work fine.


Thanks Nrisimha, I've installed HJSplit, will try to join the files, should work fine.

Believe me hermesalpha,

It will work really fine. I have used HJSplit for a years and that's nothing matter if the one file is a video, text, archive, music, database.
You can always JOINED such a splitted files with the same program that you used for splitting.
That is a HJSplit - complet soluton for splitting and joining files.

Like WinRAR or WinZIP. They can also make a several parts and divide a ONE files into several segments. But you need to have WinRAR and WinZIP if you want to extract such parts and join them in one file, for example, an movie that you found on the Internet.

And one advice - before using a HJSplit you need to make a backup of your original files.