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Importing contacts in to Active Directory with SMTP attribute

Hi Experts,

I have been testing the CSVDE tool (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732101(WS.10).aspx) with the goal of bulk importing contacts from another organisation. I want the contacts mail-enabled, so they must have their primary SMTP record imported.

In my testing I imported the proxyAddresses attribute, which contains all the associated email addresses for a contact, and found that mail routing failed to these contacts. The message tracker in Exchange 2003 system manager showed these messages are submitted to the categoriser and then go no further. I then noticed that the contacts contained x.400 attributes from their original organisation; could this be why the message routing was failing?

I created a manual contact with primary SMTP, and allowed my default recipient policy to create a couple more email addresses, and email to this contact works fine.

I guess the easy answer is that I only need to import the SMTP record in the proxyAddresses attribute, but I'd like to know why the x.400 record had the effect of preventing mail routing please.
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Top Expert 2010
I think because the x400 address would not be able to be resolved from your forest as it came from another one.

Make sure that when you imported the targetAddress attribute was populated with the target email address?