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XenApp 6 access via vpn: which ports to open

janhoedt asked

I would like to know which ports to open for access via (limited vpn): which ports specificly need to be opened?

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Ayman BakrSenior Consultant

Depending on what protocol you are using you need to open ports on the firewall as follows:

PPTP VPN you need to open TCP port 1723, IP protocol 47 for GRE
L2TP you need to open UDP port 1701
IPSec you need to open UDP port 500, pass IP protocol 50 and 51
Note that 47 is the protocol number for GRE (General Routing Encapsulation). IT IS NOT TCP PORT.


Sorry, not vpn ports but Citrix ports I need. There id a fw in between subnet  where vpn enters and ctx vlan.
Senior Consultant
Perhaps if you provide me more details of the architecture and how/where the VPN is setup and configured I will be able to assist you more.
In my initial answer I assumed that your VPN connection occurs on a server different from your Citrix environment where a VPN session is first created thus now accessing your web interface as if you were sitting inside the network. In this case you only need to open the VPN ports on the firewall between the client and the VPN server.
In case you meant using secure gateway then what you need to open is the TCP ports 1494, 80 and 443 but again depending on your architecture.
Your detailed description would be more valuable in this case.