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How can Print from AS400 in another printer

Hi Experts,

am receving daily from IT Hard Copy reports printed from AS400 system and they are using IBM printer.
In case I have same report in txt format soft copy and like to print It wouldn't print in another printer with setup
so if I print txt file as is I missed the margin and all pages comes mixed and landscape missed.

Is there any way or application I can define the marginr, oreintation, reapted headers.

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VP Technology / Senior Consultant
Basic AS/400 text reports are usually generated by native languages using the SCS (SNA Character Stream) printer stream format (more advanced reports typically use AFP).  SCS (and AFP) reports print fine on IBM printers that support that data stream.

Most ASCII printers don't support SCS or AFP, certainly not without extra hardware or software.

The AS/400 has a feature called Host Print Transform (HPT) that can automatically convert SCS or AFP to common ASCII printer data streams, most commonly PJL/PCL.  Here's the basic process:


- Gary Patterson
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Also, if you use IBM iSeries Access for Windows, it is possible to define a "Printer Session", which allows you to print to any Windows-defined printer, or use a "PDF printer" utility like "Cute PDF" to save iSeries reports to a PDF file for later viewing or printing.  This alternative is nice if you just need to save the occasional file and don't need to automate the process:


Cute PDF:


There are numerous other mechanisms to accomplish what you want to do.  For example, the IBM AS/400 licensed program "InfoPrint" (and numerous free and commercial third party products) allow the AS/400 to directly generate PDF's.  Check with your system administrator to see if you have any PDF-generation utilities involved.

- Gary Patterson