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mikey250 asked
Hi Ive just whatched this 'youtube' video 7 mins worth and was suprised!!

Qns1. When I configure my master dc/sp2/dns server I do see the 'a records' in the 'domain folder'
I can also see the 'soa & ns & an A record' for this master dc

what confused me was this video showing more entries pointing to the same (I think presumably master dc) although I can copy but want to know why:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwdr761s5U8

bvup1 - I thought this was master dns so why create (dns) below ?
dns - ?
www - Why does this need to be added ?
dhcp - If dhcp is on this same master dc why add dhcp
wins - This points to dns as part of it so I understand this one
lahuz - Why
yunus - Why
orkinus - Why
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I dont think they really need to be added to be honest. There just examples really. The dhcp server requests work just on ip rather than dns so its just for examples and showing what you can set up. It might be handy to be able to ping dhcp and know its on ip x.x.x.x


Hi thanks for responding!!  Fare enough I accept your comments but I would like to know why the following questions 1 - 4 if thats ok then all done!! I take for granted the below is already there so hence asking!!

www - Does this mean if the company has built a website then pointing to this means someone can open up a browser and type:
www.domainname.com for eg, is that it ?

ftp - If a website was created then there would be a 'ftp folder site' - so presumably opening up an internet browser and typing: www.ftp.domainname.co.uk - would allow access to folder etc ?

dhcp - I can ping my dhcp server already without adding this so not sure what you mean ?

bvup1 - why create a 'dns record', pointing to 'bvup1' as I thought this was already dns ?
1: the test domain there using is microsoft.com the www record is so microsoft.com and www.microsoft.com would serve a test website

ftp is so they could put ftp://ftp.microsoft.com and it would go to the ftp server. The ftp server could be configured to only work on ftp.microsoft.com

dhcp - this isnt really needed really.

bvup1 - it creates bvup1.microsoft.com its just a host name entry so it points to an ip.


ok thanks i had to ask so when I look back over my notes I can understand to this next step.!!appreciated