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New folder opened in network path is named fldr

ITdesk asked
Whenever i open a new folder in a network location, the new folder is being name fldr instead of new folder.

Is there anyway to fix that?
*In local machine the name is new folder as it should be.
*OS is windows xp pro SP3

Thanks alot
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C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch  &

create a new folder.
Network Operations Center Analyst
I see where the above tip (from Dec. 6) adds a new folder to Windows XP's "Quick Launch" bar, but I do not see how it addresses the original question.

Beyond the following Microsoft article on managing folders and folder creation, I would think it might be a setting so subtle that it will require other in-person help to solve.  Are you the network administrator or have you consulted locally with them?


Note the section in the above Microsoft article labeles, "Set the global folder options" and also keep in mind you have the "clue" of the folder name showing up as "fldr".  It might be possible to search the Windows Registry file on the computer being used for an exact match of "fldr" and see if this turns up in a Registry HKEY.  Do NOT attempt to edit this without further assistance because it may effect other programs and their operation.  If you do locate a Registry entry with a "fldr" setting, write it down and return here to share it with the E-E community.

If the setting is related to a network server (i.e. it is not found on the desktop computer you are using) then it will be necessary to ask the administrator about it.  There is always the possibility this setting was configured intentionally to accomodate another program, application or process in the I.T. environment where it is happening.

Good luck!