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Possible connection methods to use hosted Exchange features/services ?

Shakthi777 asked
Hi Experts,

We are a small business and we have about 40 users in our Windows AD based LAN. And we have hosted Microsoft Windows 2008/Exchange server 2010 in our data center located in a remote site.

We are planning to use most of Exchange server other capabilities for the internal users including emails. So what are the possibilities available for all our users to connect to the Exchange server when they are in the LAN and when they are out side from our LAN? Also we are planning to replicate the local AD with the remote site.

Please advise and thanks a lot !  
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Solutions Architect
the bet way is t use outlook anywhere.


thanks a lot for your comment busbar.... inside the LAN and when they are in public networks too ?
What about the AD replication? we are planning to have a site-to-site VPN to the our data center and connect our local AD thought the tunnel, any thoughts this too ?  
BusbarSolutions Architect

1- inside the lan you can use TCP/IP which is fine, outside you can us outlook anywhere, outlook has a speed detectoin mechanism and will switch automatically between both.
2- that will be ok if you have local applications that authenticate from AD, from Exchange stand point it is not needed


tnx !