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Remove Exchange from SBS 2008 server

afflik1923 asked
We have a clinet running a external hosted Exchange solution but the also have an SBS 2008 server with Exchange that is causing issues/clashes. (the internel domain is the same as external)

We would like to completely disable or remove Exchange as we will not be using it.  
What would be the options and the best methods for doing this?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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If you're not going to be using Exchange, you're better off moving away from SBS.  The SBS CALs are about $80 each - but the server 2008 CALs are about $30 each.


Thanks for the comments.  

I have that link, I was just wondering if it's the best option or if it would cause any other problems, or things I should consider (thanks leew I agree very valid point, but a small company and not worth changing).

More background on this issue in a previuos post:

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SBS is designed to be an integrated suite and does have issues when you remove individual products. Beyond the cost of CALs alone, the cost of ongoing labor in keeping an"hacked apart" SBS server running becomes high enough that moving them away from SBS would be more economical.  So while the company may be so small that is "is not worth changing" ...the cost of maintaining is actually higher, so counter-intuitively, it is more accurate to say they are so small it is not worth STAYING on SBS.

look at moving them to SBS 2011 Essentials. It is an inexpensive product, requires NO CALs, support costs are negligible, and does not have exchange built in (among many other things.) The amount of it e you'll spend uninstalling exchange can just as easily be spent moving to SBSe, so the labor will be a wash, but they'll end in a platform more suited to their operations.



I see what you guys are saying and yes SBS is not something to mess with.
Monetry issues aside.  This is the situation we have to work with.  

Microsoft support removing Exchange from an SBS server as in the above link.  As in this case where the client has moved to an online Exchange system.  

What are the specific reasons why you say there will be problems? cgaliher, have you actually tried it, if so what were the issues you experianced.  


Hi Guys,
Thanks for all input so far which is useful.
Particularly interested Cliff in your comments. I was looking at this thread as a few of us involved now (hence another person posting on the same ticket but I saw this thread and wanted to hear more).

In particular interested to know why you say it will be difficult to run a SNS server wtihout exchange. We alas are in a position where suggesting a new server etc. will be difficult. The server is only a small amount of users and replacing it for various politcal and other issues, replacing or getting a new one will not be easy.

Things are they are working, we just have some odd issues that we think removing Exchange would just make easier. We need to judge the call if removing Exchange would be the best thing to do or some other work around.

So in praciste how difficult do you think it really would be runnig SBS without Exchange?

Really appreciate any input and opinions on this.
Thanks in advance.


Thanks. We never proceeded with this in the end.