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running application as a service Windows 7

gerrymac1943 asked

I need an application to run as a service on a windows 7 computer i.e. it starts as soon as the computer is switched on. Can any one recommend a solution?

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An alternative is to put the program in the Start Up map in the programs file.

Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
Running as a service is very different to running when the computer is switched on. What exactly is it you are going to run?



Neilsr: The application is a mobile broadband software for a 3G dongle which needs to automatically connect to the mobile operators network once the computer is booted up with no user interaction.

Bright12: What is a start up map?
That's the map that is located in the map Program Files and is actually named as Startup.

In Windows 7 the location of this map is C:\Users\<User Namer>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
User profile startup is of no use if he wants it ti start when the COMPUTER is switched on.

Not all 3G applications are capable of this. What software are you running for the 3G dongle?
Agree that the startup is not an option.

Do you use an installer to install the software to the computer? If this is the case, was there an option to start the program during start up?


Yes I do use an installed for the software. The software is

Vodafone Mobile Broadband software version 10.2.302

The software does not startup until you login. So I presume I need the software to start as a service so that it starts automatically without any user interaction and no logging in.
I think that the software is in the startup map. Because you say that the program will start after the user is login.

Why would you start the service before someone is logged in?
Technical Development Lead
Nope. You can not just run any old program as a service, it has to support that as an option of the application, it needs to understand that it is not running in a users context.

Is it just so that a user can log in over the network?


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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Sorry but bright12's comment #37236733 in no way addresses the actual question. Adding into the startup folder of a user is NOT a solution to the question as it goes directly against the specifics of the question. Namely....

" i.e. it starts as soon as the computer is switched on."