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Multilanguage support of Delphi application

Please can you provide me some inputs on the below require ment. I have an application in Delphi 2006. I want it to internatinalize i.e. users accross the world should be able to enter and retrieve text in their native/local languages.

1) Should I go forward and convert my database to Support unicode data using nvarchar, ntext etc.
2) Or should I use transliteration, where local language entered could be saved in database in english but sounding the local language and then again retrieve the data on screen in native language. If this option is taken what are the available reliable softwares and techniques to do so...

Please suggest....
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1 > Yes

2 > you can't save chinese, japanese, etc in english >> don't do this
  > you will have too much support afterwards and will end up using unicode anyway  
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Could you elaborate please about your application (i.e. the input/output process)?

I would go with the first option, your DB should accept the native language of the different users.

How do you intend to do transliteration of users input? I did not get this!!!
gskoczylasSenior Software Developer

You can easy internationalize static user interface elements using the GNU GetText.

Delphi implementation of the GNU GetText is here: http://dxgettext.po.dk
To translate the language files, I use the poEdit program: http://www.poedit.net

Both elements are free.


Thanks a lot....