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Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit continuously hanging

okesit asked
Hi all,

I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit server running Exchange 2007.  This server has been running fine until early November.

What's been happening is that the server will become completely unresponsive for anything between 2 and 15 minutes every 15 minutes or so.

The current running application's window updates, until I click on anything, then it will hang with everything else.

If I use Process Explorer, I can see that everything becomes very quite and max CPU usage is 0.77%.  When the server wakes up again, IO, CPU etc becomes active again.

I suspected a dodgy update, so I rolled all updates back to prior to 1 November 2011, but still the same issue.  I've disabled Auto update, same issue.  I've used CCleaner to cleanup registry, fixed issues, but same issue.  Removed ESET NOD, same issue.

Nothing is logged in Event Viewer, so I'm shooting in the dark here.

Can anyone help here?
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Did you check if the drives are OK?
When system is responsiveness, CPU, RAM and HHD uses are normal?

Try creating a performance line using performance monitor, focus on:

CPU usage
RAM usage
HDD usage
Processes running
Uses of memory, cpu etc on Exchange services.



The system is not very busy when everything is responding.  CPU usage is averaging about 8% when all is good.


Yes, full hardware testing was done.  Drives are in RAID5 and all are OK.  No errors reported with Dell's diagnostics.


Found the problem.  MailMarshal was causing the hanging.  Weird that it never spiked the CPU or disks when the server was hanging.

Upgrading.  Lets see what happens...
Removed MailMarshal and all is good now.

Decided not to upgrade.  Moving the spam filtering upstream instead.


Server response has been better than it ever was since removing MailMarshal