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slide show with div and text

Hey guys i need to do a fade show with text.

i have three div with text and want to make it chage from one div to the next with fade.

can it be done?

i want something like this:

div1 shows  and fade and div2 shows and so on.
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show me your HTML code?
Frontend Engineer
seems like the wheel you want has been created already.

try taking a look at this (scroll down to the demos)


<div><p style="font-weight: bold"> What our Clients Say?</p> <p>"Ramcon were able to successfully allow the project team to deliver/get key projects off the ground at a critical time."</p>  <p> Airports Company South Africa</p></div>

<div><p>"Ramcon have shown themselves to be capable and professional in all areas of the profession and it would be a privilege to recommend them for future endeavours"</p> <p>  KZN Department of Public Works</p></div>

<div>Ramcon has performed exceptionally well in the programme. Their monitoring and reporting has been an example that all storm damage consultants have to emulate. The firms’ adherence to basic principles of Project Management has been a breath of fresh air."</p><p>  KZN Department of Education</p>   <p>  "We were more than impressed by the professionalism and astute technical knowledge demonstrated by Ramcon."</p></div>

my three divs


same like that but with fade out and in


iam looking for a text fade show in and out