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calendar in outlook 2010

I have added  to my calendar in outlook 2010 other calendars for equipment mailboxes and room mailboxes.I have made request meeting and need to check details after that for the meeting.I am getting an error you dont have permission to view this calendar.

 calendar error in outlook 2010
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IT Manager
Only people with Full Access to the Room Mailbox can edit items directly in the calendar. You can give yourself Full Access by right clicking the Mailbox in EMC and choosing Full Access and adding yourself to the list.
Room Calendars are desigend to have Deligates who can modify items/accept/reject items that are added by themselves or other users. Full Modification has to be done via EMC, then once you have full access you can config the rest of the Mailbox permissions by right clicking the calendar in Outlook and editing the permissions in properties for editors/reviewers etc


partially solved