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Win 2008 R2 SP1 Terminal Server not allowing more logins

phillipnor asked
Client has a 1 year old Terminal Server (Windows 2008 R2 SP1 ProLiant DL380 G6 24Gb memory).  It has required a reboot during working hours approx 1 per week as it will not allow more users to logon.  This issue began approx 3-4 months ago.
When attempting to login, the message =
"The task you are trying to do can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. Other users should still be able to log on."
Does anyone have similar issues?  Does anyone know of a 'possible' fix? Their is no obvious rhyme or reason to issue - it will be OK with 60 users for most of week, but may stop people logging on after 40 users.  The TS license server is on the DC (separate server).
Our fix is to remote desktop onto TS as the administrator and start, run =
shutdown -r -t 00
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1. Verify you have TS licenses installed for the number of users that need to login
2. Check the event logs. It sounds like there is a problem or app conflict.
3. Check your AV scans. Make sure they run about 3AM so they are out of the Exchange maintenance time and they complete before users try logging in.
4. Run a manual defrag to make sure the system is in good shape
5. Run Microsoft updates
6. Update the bios and drivers on the server

There is a lot here, but if you run through it all, it should eliminate many possible causes.
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TG-TIS - thanks for chase:
1. Is OK
2. Appears OK (just group policy printer warning)
3. Exchange is on a different server than Terminal Server. AV scan is OK.
4. Ran manual defrag (last one was 8 days ago)
5. Microsoft updates last installed 22nd May 2011 - will check tomorrow.
6. Still to do the bios and drivers.


Thank you for your help/