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Networker Access

Mino DC
Mino DC asked
Hello everyone,
I have Networker 7.6.2 (NWSERVER).

I would like to restrict the ability to do the Restore from a client (server), data of other clients (ServerB), connected to the same server Networker (NWSERVER).

The Networker server, backing up many servers (clients)

On the server that is running Networker User (ServerA), when you can restore your data as a current source by inserting ServerA and ServerB as a Destination.

I do not want you to restore to ServerB data, being connected with Networker user on ServerA.

How can I do?
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Solution Consultant

Under NMC-> User Groups there are groups with their permissions, and are cumulative with each other, and the permission applied is more permissive.

Example: If I insert a user in a group with "Administrator" permissions, and add the same user in a group with "Recover Local Data" permission, this will have administrative permissions, despite being placed in a group with greater restrictions.
Mino DCSolution Consultant


I solved alone, thanks