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VPS hosting

koldstar asked

We are about to roll out a new service but we might need a new hosting provider. Right now we are hosting it at vps.net witch has a great concept, but unfortunally have to many technically problems.
We are programmers that knows very little about Linux so we need a hosting partner where we can buy on demand services like we can do on vps.net

During the last 6 months we have been through 2 major disk breakdowns where it took them nearly a week to restore the data.

Our newest issue is that our vps now is to huge to run a automatic dayly snapshot. (it's only 40 GB where we are using 3 GB)

What we need is a new provider a lot like vps.net, but with better perfomance. Do anoyone knows a hosting provider that can meet our wishes?
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As you are posting this in the age of the cloud you might want to think of an more advanced model. Especially for Programmers like you the cloud has come up with a solution called platform as a service short Paas.

This means you upload your application to their servers and they care for everything your application needs to be executed. They host all required libraries so you do not have to care and you pay as you go meaning if you require a lot of performance one week and slow down the other you only pay for your actual usage.

One of the most famous provider for this kind of service is http://www.heroku.com/ which is also recommended by Facebook to their developers.


Nice :-)

But unfortunally we are to far in the process to start over, so we need to be able to run PHP code .
Ok, just keep it in mind for your next project ;-)

If you want whole instances I recommend http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/ again hour based rates, which gives you the same scalability and high availability you are looking for.

The alternative would be http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_products/servers/ who come from the vps market instead of amazon who just entered the market with their cloud product.
Amazon is the leader in market share, features and vision, but does not provide managed system services.
If you can do without managed services, then try Amazon.
Otherwise - either RackSpace, or a third party like RightScale.


Thank you for you answers. I'll look it to those you recommended