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I use a open source Java program called Weka. There is a module for R called Rweka which allows me to call  routines (algorithms) in Weka from within R.

I do not really understand programming that well but I want to build a program which downloads data from a file on the web and then runs an algorithm in Weka (probably by calling it in R) and have this run automatically at a certain time every day and write the result to another file (hopefully on the web but possibly just a local file).

How do I organize this? I am running Windows 7. Should I use a scheduled event to run it every day? And how to I call the R program? Do I need to have R running at all times? I guess there is not a way to to create an executable file (I read that R is an interpreted language and that this means you cannot make executables).
By the way, I did find this but I am not sure if it is relevant

Any guidelines/suggestions are gratefully accepted.
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Ask someone to help you with java part - it really should not be that difficult - still weka will probably do the heaviest part for you
Weka is actually a Java program and it can be called from your own Java code

Java can also be used to download file from the internet and to write local file.

So you can do  everyrthing in Java then set up scheduled task on Windows to repeat the job at any desired

So, maybe you don't need to use R for this purpose ?
onyourmarkAuthor Commented:
I know that is true and perhaps that is the best way to go but I don't really know java but I am familiar with weka.
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