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Problem to install Adobe Authorware player

cforp asked
Hi Experts,

I got an issue to install Adobe Authorware player under Internet Explorer.
I was not able to install the first time and I was getting error loading, I try to install again and works but when I play content from website I got a bar and nothing happen with the player. The system is under Windows 7.

Any advices ?


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Hi I cant assist you with the site your playing games from?
Is it s free site?
To determin if it's teh player or the version of IE and the player or the web site
can you post a link to the web site if it doesnt expose any privacy from you?
and which version of internet explorer?
This page provides free downloads of all current Adobe Web players. For best results, first upgrade to the latest version of your browser, then download the current Web player.
If Authorware Web Player is not working, check these things first:


Hello Merete,

The web site we having issue with is password protected. Is basicly for E-learning.
I was able to run the plugin on Firefox now but Internet Explorer not working is said loading .... and nothing happen. I try the advices you provided to me with no luck.

Windows 7  may require you to make a decision and make IE 9 default
Open internet explorer options>settings>then go to view Objects
If it is listed >delete the Authorware web Player control
Exit and reboot your computer
Then go here and download the Authorware Player
Installing the Macromedia Authorware Web Player
Hello Expert,

We finally got issue resolved by disabling protected mode under security tab in Internet explorer.


issue resolve
Hadn'tt thought of that cforp
I also dis-abled protected mode straightup when IE9 was upgraded
Glad you found the solution