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Composite video from video card

I've been asked to find a video card that will support "composite video" - so that a presentation can be run on a PC and shown on a TV monitor.

The PC is quite a distance away from the TV, hence the reason they chose Composite Video and not SCART or HDMI

The TV supports all 3 standards - HDMI - Scart - Composite Video.

The composite video input is a single yellow phono type cable (RCA type) and not component video, where the video is supplied in 3 cables RGB style. (Red gun, Green gun, Blue gun.)

I'm having real difficulties sourcing a video card for PC which has the choice of PCI or PCI Express interface and can offer a composite video output.

If anyone can help suggest a video card that would be great. Also the TV is a UK spec' so I'm not sure if that would have any bearing (PAL versus NTSC ? ).

Thanks for any help.
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I think some kind of USB converter would be better option.
Check this if it is good for you:

or you can get many of VGA to RCA converters / adapters.
It is probaly easier solution than finding some old ATi graphic card for example (in which case private ads and Ebay is your solution).

As for HDMI, 50 feet should be OK. For longer, you will need Amp and EQ.

What is the lenght you need?

You could try one of these:


Alternatively, consider wireless transmission for HDMI (up to 30 mteres) or an extender such as this:


You'll need to some CAT 6 cabling as well (although your office might already have this).




Thanks guys, much appreciate your advice & suggestion. I'm going to try the USB 2.0 box 1st (cheaper LOL !), and if that fails, I'll try the VGA convertor - thx again.
OK, great. Good luck.