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Remove duplicates between 2 columns of data in Excel 2003

auraorange asked

We have about 700 computers and are currently upgrading them all to IE8.

An asset number will be e.g. D111222 for a desktop PC & L111333 for a Laptop.

Some computers have already been upgraded but most have not.

I have 2 sample columns in the attached spreadsheet and need to know how I can merge the data and remove duplicates.

Column 1 are the computers already upgraded and column 2 contains computers requiring the upgrade, however, I know that column 2 has some duplicates of column 1
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Just do a vlookup in column 2 using column 1. This should list all such computers that you have already upgraded and you can then focus on the ones remaining.
Sr. Project Manager
you can use a simple combination of IF condition and a CountIf to achieve this. There is no need to merge any data.

=IF(COUNTIF(A:A,B3)>0,"Upgraded","Needs IE8")

See attached,


Thank you for the quick responses and solution.