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OK, so I am just now getting around to investigating Mandatory Profiles

Hi, I am just now getting around to investigating further the benefits or deploying Mandatory Profiles & Roaming Profiles.

We are running Server 2008 R2 as DC's & mostly all Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise clients.  Still some Windows XP Pro clients, but not many left.  I have several Server 2003 member servers.

Here is my scenario:
When we had Windows XP Pro, we used the copy profile feature built into the OS.  We would create a testuser domain profile.  Set it up the way we wanted it (i.e. configure Office 2007, RealPlayer, iTunes, QuickTime Player, Adobe Reader, etc.)  We would get it the way we wanted it then copy over the Default User with this TestUser account.  That would give anyone who logged on the same settings everytime.  It worked great.

Now with Windows 7 Pro, the copy profile feature is still there but disabled.  So doing some reading and says Microsoft is going away from that due to security issues.  Makes sense.  However, we found a work around for now.  WinEnable, which basically enables the copy profile feature of Windows 7 Pro.  Unfortunately, this is a hack at best and I am wanting to do what MS recommends, because let's face it, whenever you set things up the way MS recommends it just works...for the most part.

So, I am looking for the Microsoft way of replace the old way of copying a test account to the Default Users Profile in Windows XP Pro for Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise.

I read/heard that Microsoft directing people to use Roaming Profiles & Mandatory Profiles.

So, how do you deploy these profiles?  Will Mandatory Profiles work for my scenario?

Thanks in advance.
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Actually, copying profiles has been problematic since windows 2000 due to how active directory works (pre-2000, there was no such beast as AD.) mandatory profiles can work, but are also heavy handed for what you want, as well as, to do them right, still cannot be simply copied...for the same reasons copying other profiles doesn't work.

What you really want is to set a customized default profile so new profiles will automatically get the customizations. The supported process for doing so...from 2000 through win7, is documented here: