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How do you make an Outlook meeting invite remind attendees at a custom time interval?

I have a user who would like to send an Outlook meeting invite for an event on January 10th. Simple enough, but she would also like the invite to automatically remind the attendees 2 weeks ahead of time (December 27th). Is this possible and, if so, how is that accomplished?
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When creating the event, define reminder in two weeks (last option for time I think)
add the participants, fill out everything and send it.
By accepting the event, the participants will get calendar item created with the same optins as original one.


We tested that method and the invite she sent me still defaulted to my 15 minutes reminder time instead of the 2 weeks she configured. Any other ideas?

What darcotech has suggested is correct and "should" work. It works for our organisation, both internally and externally.

You could try distributing the "meeting request" in the iCalendar format, by sending a regular E-mail Message with the iCalendar file as an attachment. It would be a good idea to also provide instructions for the recipient to save the file to their calendar.

This is a similar concept to when you receive a GoToMeeting invitation, where you are sent a link to download the iCalendar file. I don't know whether you are familiar with this concept.

If this still does not work it would point to an issue with either:
a)  the reminder time being altered when the creator/owner saves it, or
b)  the reminder time being altered when the recipient saves it to their calendar.

Good luck!


This is really strange because in my tests around the office, the functionality you describe above works for some and doesn't for others. I wonder what setting is causing it...

Are all workstations fully patched with Office updates?

Compare the Outlook Options between workstations, particularly those concerning the Calendar.