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Permanently alter the markup of an .aspx page at runtime

Tom Knowlton
Tom Knowlton asked
Is it possible to permanently edit the content of an aspx page at runtime?

I know I can do it manually and then save it, refresh the page, and the changes go through.  But can one .aspx page alter another .aspx page and then save the changes it makes?

I am not talking about massive changes...just a change to the contents of an unordered list <ul></ul>.
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Code in aspx page, can edit another aspx page (as any other text files) if it is allowed by FS permissions. But are sure it is good idea to change content of aspx page - it can be a conflict if several user try to it at once. Maybe it is better to use server side code to create content dynamically?
if the changes is only in data not in the controls
you can store the data as records in DB and retrieve it from DB using repeater, listview ...

ex in <ul> each <li> data will be stored in DB
Tom KnowltonWeb developer


We do have a database, but the database programmer is the only one who can make the change at the moment, and he is neck deep in another project.

So this is an interim solution only.

There would only ever be ONE user making a change at a time.  And this ability would only exist on the Admin page, which users must authenticate to get to.

Tom KnowltonWeb developer