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Link Tasks in MS Project to other Projects.

Hello, I am using MS Project 2007 and Project Server 2007.

There are about 7 projects that all relate. So I want to be able to link tasks to each other.
Here is the problem. I get an additional blank line.

Let's say we want Project 1 to show task 111 from Project 2.
I am opening both projects  then I  go to a task or blank line in Project 1 and click in the Predesseccor column and then I type \Project 2\111. I then get a gray task and a blank line. I understand the gray task but should I be getting a blank line? I want this to have no effect on the linked Project (Project 2 ).
Someone looking at Project 1 should not even know it is linked to Project 2.
Am I mistaken and you always get a blnk line or am I doning something wrong?

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in the Project client you can't just show a task from another project but only create a predecessor/sucessor link between projects. From your question it looks like you saved both projects as files and not on projectserver? For projects on projectserver the format for a crossproject link would be "<>\P2\111".
As a consequence to this link behaviour - following your example - a task in Project1 would have the predecessor task 111 from Project2. Creating the link however works in both directions, so task 111 in Project2 would also show a SUCCESSOR with a new gray line in Project2. An easy way to create these links is:
- create a new blank project
- insert Project2 from the Insert menu
- insert Project1 from the Insert menu
- expand both projects so you can see all tasks
- create the link between tasks as usual
- save both Project1 and Project2 but NOT the new master project

One possible workaround to your request is not to use the predecessor column but use an OLE link of dates:
- open Project2
- select task 111's finish date and copy to the clipboard
- open Project1
- select the task you want to show the date and select the start date
- right click and use "Paste Special". Then select "Paste Link" and "Text Data", click OK
- this will change the Start date in Project1! If you only want to show the date you could "paste special" to any other field, e.g. Start1

Let me know if I created more confusion than help :)




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Thank you!