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Suggestions for form (screen) designer software for Java developers

Vanavah Edwards
What is the 3 top form professional (screen) designer for Java that would give a developer excellent quality, save time, and easy to use that you would recommend?
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Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011

It is not very practica to invent "three top" - ther are many different suituations.
You can read here soem recommenstaions:




Still these things should be often more specific to particular application
so good reason and sound judgement is probably your best best recommendation.


I am reviewing your helpful suggestions.  In the meantime, JFormsDesigner shows an impressive website about this product.  In your expert opinion and a Java developer, would you recommend it or coding for Java development.  I am new to Java.  I use Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic.  In these languages, I use a forms designer which makes life easier.  What is the best practice for Java development and why?
Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011
This is very individual.
I many times tried to move to use some forms designer, but in the end always fell back
to writing all the codes for all elements myself.
I think in Java majority of people of whom I've heard at least on EE and who are using form designer,
 are mostly using it with netbeans. Well, perhpas that is not exactly the case in professional software shops.
 I kind of don't like when there is some code written not by me
in my program.

 But on the other hand I'm not usually writing applications with too complex GUI's.
My apps are mostly utilitarian for small groups of people doing usually one and the same or two or three types
of tasks all the time - so the emphasis is more
on databases interactions, etc.

So my opinion that if your goal is just to make solid normal interface,
better write yourself. It will take a little bit more typing, but I'm convinced in conrrrsat to many popular views,
that svaings in typing is not really what is imporatnt in programming.

If you need some much more fancy GUIs, then I really don't know, but I suspect,
that forms designer will not be very helpful  at that end either.


Thanks for your suggestions.  It has been very helpful.  I will now close this sessions and award the points.  I have another question open on croping or controlling image size in a combo box.