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Daily backup (Scheduled Tasks) of Drupal on Windows 7

Modifier1000 asked
Hey all,

Well since Cron is for Unix/Linux/Mac, are scheduled tasks in Windows the preferred way to backup my Drupal site? At work, we have a site that is completely offline and needs to have daily backups. Is 'Scheduled Tasks' the way to go?

If so, any step-by-step resources available?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

When you run through the Windows Backup wizard, one of the options is to make the backup a recurring item.  Setting up daily backups is as easy as specifying what days and what time.  This would typically be done on the machine hosting the files, but not necessarily so, if the machine running the backup has access to the data.


My favorite Drupal 7 module right now is the Backup and Migrate module at:

It lets you clear cache tables, any other unneeded data, gzip and download the database in one click!! Then if all goes to hell, you can restore a backup in the Drupal GUI by uploading a file, replacing everything (that is, if everything went to hell and the GUI is still working)

You can integrate this module with Drush, a command line Drupal tool that can likely be scheduled in Windows (not sure on the step by step)

It seems like you can backup via FTP/S3/Email. Instructions would be in the README.TXT file here I'm guessing:

It's a joy to work with on the front end. I'm sure you could get this running quickly on the back end. Extra care will be required with Windows machines as they don't play as nice with typically Linux hosted Drupal sites sometimes.

Let me know if that helps inspire something.

Best regards,



Oh I forgot to mention, I'm using Drupal 6
Hmmm. It looks like they have a Drupal 6 version too: