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Email account issues with ex-employee's when they return

jpmortgage asked
Every time with have someone come back to us after they quit or were laid off I have issue with there email account. The bounce message I get when I try to email them will be a different email address than the one I assign to them. I am probably not doing something right when I remove them and when they return the issue comes around again. The accounts seem to receive fine from external or from someone that had never emailed that account before. Any ideas?
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If you are using Outlook, you should delete your address/auto-complete cache.

Here's two ways to do this:

The easiest way is to type in the address that you just recreated, when it appears, Hit the Down arrow key to highlight the address.
Hit the Delete key to delete the address.

The other way is by deleting the .nk2 file.  This will delete all of your cached auto-complete addresses.
In windows explorer go to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook
Delete the Outlook.NK2 file that you find in this folder.


I test the first option and the message was delivered with no bounce back. How can I do this to all  exchange accounts without deleting the nk2 file? We are on win2k8 R2 active directory.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, there's not a way to clear an individual cached address from all users without manually doing it for each user.  The only option would be to create a script to delete the .nk2 file.