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Forward rule for NDRs coming from   "Microsoft Oulook" not working

tlsxchange asked
I have created client side rules and server side rules.trying to get messages that come into a user mailbox to forward to a public folder. These messages I am trying to forward are NDR's that show that they come from   Microsoft Outlook. I have put logic into the rule re message body text etc and I cant get them to forward. Help!!

The main part says  Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Then the message header info.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

That is default behaviour. System-generated message can not be forwarded automatically


Oh really? So how can I accomplish what it is I want to do? I need to get a copy of this email in an automated fashion?
Technical Development Lead
You can Manually forward them.  System generated mails do not fire of mail rules I am afraid, been that way for a long time.

You may be able to write a powershell script that uses new-MailBoxExportRequest on the mailbox and uses the -ContentFilter to search for the text of the NDR, export to a .pst and then Import to another mailbox. Run the script every day/hour/week via  a scheduled task..


thanks so much