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Repeating sections in infopath

jbla9028 asked
I am trying to create a repeating section on an infopath form. I am pretty new to infopath so I apologize if I can’t answer questions fairly detailed. What I’m doing is creating a form for IT personnel to fill out on customer installs. A customer may need xVMs created and each VM needs to be filled in with about 10 different values. I want to put a drop down box for the IT admin to enter how many VMs they will be making. When they hit the drop down and select, I want to present to them a section listing these values, 1 section for every VM they are creating. I see that there are a few controls that may be useful but I can’t find decent documentation on how to do this. I put a repeatable section in but I don’t know how to control what makes it repeatable. Any help would be appreciated greatly.
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Clay FoxDirector of Business Integration
The easiest implementation, without code and such, is to have them enter the first VM's data and then insert another record for the 2nd and so on.

You can create a group, and in properties make it repeating, then add fields within that group by right clicking on the group and using Add. hopefully you understand the main data source and creating your data schema first, then work on your view and presentation.

When you drag the repeating Group to the view, you can make a repeating table or section, and in properties set the insert button text and actions.  The insert is a default function b it not too bad of a convention.

Www.infopathdev.com is a good resource.  Hope this helps.
Good morning,

Clayfox is right, the repeating table is what you probably want, but I find it easier to create it by placing my cursor where I want the table to go, then clicking Insert > Repeating Table, then tell it how many columns I want.  I then just name the column headers and the corresponding fields that appear in the basic table layout.  

If you'd rather use repeating sections, create the first one with the controls you need inside it, and make sure the option to insert another is enabled.  The spacing will be wider than with a repeating table, so if screen real estate is an issue, go with the repeating table.