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Exchange system attendant clustered service failed

lag_mcf asked
I have an old 2003 cluster which has exchange 2003 on it. The Exchange System Attend service (clustered) is stuck going from failed to Online Pending. Is there anyway to force a clustered service to stop\restart? I tried using Net Stop but as it's clustered it doesn't work.
I have tried failing the resource across to the other node but the server is still stuck. I also tried rebooting the nodes but they came back up with the same problem.
The cluster also has a number of file shares on it which I have failed over to the other node.

Any ideas?
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Does the System or Application event logs provide you any ideas as to why the System Attendant won't start?

You can offline the entire cluster, then manually bring each cluster application online, starting with the cluster name/ip, then drives, and other applications.  I would do the System Attendant last.  You can do this with the Cluster Mgmt Interface.  When you attempt to start the System Attendant, you may want to use the command line and set a time-out, so that it will eventually fail and possibly give you an idea what is occurring.

To bring a clustered service or application online, type:

CLUSTER [cluster-name] GROUP "service-or-application name" /ON[:node-name] [/WAIT[:timeout-seconds]]

To take a clustered service or application offline, type:

CLUSTER [cluster-name] GROUP "service-or-application name" /OFF [/WAIT[:timeout-seconds]]

Here's an article that explains the options:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc755234(WS.10).aspx


Thanks for the advice.
Eventually found what was wrong and managed to fix it. I found an event 1029
Unable to create the message tracking share 'DUBEXV4.log' for directory 'E:\EXCHSRVR....'

The event was buried amongst a hell of a lot more descriptive events so I had previously brushed over it. It was only when I collogue drew attention to it that we checked the folder permissions on the EXCGSRVR folder. for some reason the system account had been removed. once I added it back in and gave it full control everything came back up as normal.

I don't know why the permissions were removed. This is an old cluster which I have been working to get rid off for ages I think that I will have to work harder to get rid of it!