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VBScript: Remote Desktop Disconnected - An Internal error has occurred.

graham0502 asked
One of our users is having problems connecting to his workstation remotely. He gets the generic error above after clicking his workstation name from the list of computers on the RWW site. I have narrowed it down to his specific workstation he is trying to log into. His credentials are correct and he can log into other workstations he has rights to. I get the same error when trying to log into his workstation as administrator. The machine he is trying to log into is a Windows 7 64-bit workstation. I use SBS 2003 and all other users have no problems logging into their own machines. I have read thru the other similar problems but haven't seen a solution that works for my particular issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Does his workstation require Network Level Authentication?


I am not sure what you mean by that. He just uses his normal Active Directory log in like everyone else on the network. This workstation is not set up any different than the others on the network. I thought maybe it had to do with his workstation being Windows 7 64-bit but another new client/workstation with same setup works fine.


Thanks lamalany - I realized that when I went to the remote desktop settings on the troubled workstation that the option had been selected to log in only using network level authoentication and not all computers can log on remotely....working now - thanks!