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emailing from a pdf problem

mildogz asked
I have a users who is using outlook 2010,

He opens a pdf file and clicks the email icon with in the pdf file, which opens outlook.

since he has multiple accounts the email from field is listed above the to field.

the problem is he keeps getting defaulted to an email address that he does not want to use. He would like to have this default to his own email address and not the second email account he has in outlook. Is there a way to change this from pdf? thanks...

500 point question.
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Go to control panel and run mail.

Click show profiles>select "Always use this profile" radio button and then select the profile you would like to the PDF to use when emailing.  Then click apply.

Click "Prompt for a profile to be used" radio button again and then click apply. The drop down should grey out but the profile you selected should still be listed.

What we did here is to set Outlook to continue to prompt for profile (i'm assuming this is how it was setup originally) when opening normally, but now if Outlook is closed when you send a PDF by clicking the email buttom it will use the profile that is in the greyed out box as the default for the PDF.

Hope i explained this good enough for you to understand.


thanks protechCT for this information. I figure out what the problem was.

I had to change the data file and set it to default and this fixed the problem.

thanks for the help i will give you the points anyway for being the only one to try to help. thanks.